Air Conditioning Recharge
Air Conditioner Repair
Air Filter Replacement
Alternator Testing and Replacement
Axle and Axleshaft Repair and Replacement
Antilock Brake System Testing and Repair – ABS
Battery Testing and Replacement – Free
Ball Joint Replacement
Belt and Hose Replacement
Brakes: Calipers, Pads Rotors, Shoes, Wheel cylinders, Drums, Brake Lines – Free Inspection
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
Coil Spring Replacement
Computer Diagnosis and Replacement
Cooling System: Flush and Repair
Cylinder Head: Gaskets, Repair, Replacement
Door Lock Repair
Differential Maintenance and Repair
Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
Engine Repair and Replacement
Exhaust System Repair: Manifolds, Mufflers, Pipes, Catalytic Convertor
Four Wheel Drive Diagnosis and Repair
Fuel System: Injectors, Tank, Lines, Fuel Pump, Filter
Heater Service and Repair
Heater Core
Ignition System Tune Up and Repair: Spark Plugs, Plug Wires, Distributor Cap, Rotor, Coil
Inspections: Anything from Brake Inspections to Full Car Inspections
Intake Manifold: Gaskets, Replacement
Leaf Spring Replacement
Lights: Bulbs, Wiring and Related
Oil Change : Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Differential
Power Steering: Pump, Lines and Related
Power Window Repair
Radiator Replacement
Shock Replacement
Starter Repair and Replacement
Strut Replacement
Sway Bar: Replacement, End links, Bushings
Suspension Repair
Tie Rod End Replacement
Timing Belt Inspection and Replacement
Transfer Case Repair and Replacement
Transmission: Repair, Replacement, Flush, Filter Change
Tune Up: Ignition System, Fuel System
Universal Joint (U-joint) Replacement
Water Pump Replacement
Wheel Bearing (Hub Assembly) Replacement
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement – Free

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